Building relationships that support you in building your business.

About Me:

I am Angela Obert, the Master Connector and Owner of Network in Action Minnesota. 

Angela leads vibrant communities of business professionals, carefully vetted and trained to network at the pinnacle of effectiveness. 

In her realm, it's all about genuine connections—no sales pitches, no commercials—just the art of connecting through active collaboration. 

Angela orchestrates a monthly meeting, a nexus for shared insights and opportunities. But that's not all; her community buzzes with life through 2 to 3 additional events each month, providing ample occasions for professionals to forge meaningful connections beyond the ordinary. 

Join Angela and the Network in Action Minnesota community where networking is an art, and Xdgn collaboration is the masterpiece.
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Network in Action Minnesota

Welcome to Network in Action Minnesota, where we redefine professional networking with unparalleled value:

1. Strategic Monthly Meetings:

2. Guaranteed ROI in the First Year:
Your investment is not a risk—it's a guarantee. We commit to ensuring a tangible Return on Investment within your first year, setting you on the path to unparalleled professional success.

3. Exclusively Professional Membership:
Serious about your craft? So are we. Our community comprises professionals dedicated to excellence—no hobbyists allowed. This commitment ensures a focused, results-driven environment.

4. Realistic Criteria for Attendance and Referrals:
Your time is valuable. Our attendance and referral criteria are realistic, seamlessly fitting into your professional life while maximizing your networking potential.

5. Active Agendas for Meaningful Connections:
Beyond the ordinary, our meetings feature carefully curated agendas. We create an environment that fosters active collaboration and meaningful connections among members, led by seasoned professionals.

6. Optimal Group Size for Collaboration:
Goldilocks would approve! Our groups, consisting of 20-30 members, are perfectly sized to encourage collaboration, foster relationships, and ensure everyone's voice is heard.

7. Online Member Portal:
Stay connected 24/7. Our online member portal provides continuous access to engage with fellow professionals, explore opportunities, and stay updated within our dynamic community.

8. Professional-Led Meetings - No Volunteers:
Experience meetings led by seasoned professionals, not volunteers. Our commitment to professionalism extends to every aspect of our community, ensuring you receive the highest quality networking experience.

9. No Committees or Naughty Lists:
We believe in simplicity and effectiveness. No committees, no complicated structures. Just straightforward networking without the hassle of naughty lists or unnecessary bureaucracy.