Building relationships that support you in building your business.

About Me

I'm a transformation leader and facilitator. I create space and activities for professionals to connect and build long lasting relationships that benefit their business growth.

I've successfully built and now facilitate professional member groups in Lino Lakes, North Oaks, Andover and Fridley, Minnesota.

I'm known for successes in building relationships, people management, coaching and development. I'm self motivated and successful in leading individuals and groups.

I have a strong focus on team, culture and customer experience. I quickly and accurately evaluate situations and the impact of decisions overall. I easily build rapport with diverse groups of people.
Building Relationships that last a lifetime

Network in Action Minnesota

NIA creates fun and unique activities for groups to communicate and find alignment with each other in building stronger relationships and grow their business together.

Angela Obert is the owner of Network in Action Minnesota. A true Professional Networker and Community Facilitator connecting with professionals all over the Twin Cities. She has built networking groups in Andover, North Oaks, Lino Lakes and Fridley, and also hosts several business networking events in person and online each month. Angela enjoys private coaching and group facilitating.